The Cosby Company is a private business that primarily focuses on Business Development, Government and Public Relations. We have over 70 years of experience in working with the public and private sectors by utilizing strategic planning for the implementation to better position corporate, business, new product and organizational development. 

Our Mission is to fulfill unmet needs in Alabama by promoting project development and social and economic growth to create a better quality of life.

Our  philosophy is to promote the value of good programs for legislative and executive support and seeks those as a client base. We look for unmet needs that create a vacuum and fill that vacuum with added value. This philosophy creates a servant attitude with goals and objectives that benefit all.

Founded in 1994 by W.F. "Noopie" Cosby, Jr. After serving residents of Dallas County in the Alabama House of Representatives for 16 years, Noopie wanted to continue working with State Government and started a Government Relations company to assist various organizations in the private and non-profit sectors.